Stand out from the crowd, get returning visitors, and most importantly -keep it cheap!

Does your internet or standard broadcasting radio station need to be heard in the Android community? Roboconn has a two tiered development system that can get you there fast and cost effectively. We are the first development company to provide an easy personalized Android radio station app. With applications like “iheartradio” your station is rolled into a huge list of other stations, where your name gets lost to hundreds of other stations! Scenario: “Go download this app from the market, and find our station in a list of hundreds of other stations”. Most users will be reluctant to obey, and will most likely choose a different venue. The solution in this case is to make your own app –and keep it cheap.

To sum it up:

  • You only want users listening to your streams, don’t give them the option to choose someone else’s.
  • Control your own advertising and get paid directly by AdMob (One of the largest mobile advertisers).
  • Add data streams to your applications that allow users to see your Twitter feeds, RSS, and other important local information.


Basic [$299.99]

  • The basic tier gets you tied in with an online Advertising system (AdMob). You control the Ads, create your own, or run the standard provided Ads. At the end of each month a check is cut and sent to you from AdMob.
  • We tie you into a great baseline application that streams your radio station and buffers to prevent skipping.
  • A settings page so users can select a range of stream qualities.
  • User controls to start and stop the flow of music.
  • Our applications allow for multitasking, so your music keeps playing even when the application gets pushed into the background.
  • A now playing banner, which is typically the name of the song currently playing.
  • One data feed. Twitter, RSS, JSON, you name it. A feed can be any number of things -your Twitter posts, your top-100 songs, local events, anything. Links will be click-able so users can open items you just announced on the radio and told them to check out.
  • Very quick turnaround, the basic application is usually available within a week of purchasing.
  • One year of maintenance included in cost. Extra maintenance packages can be purchased separately at a later date and cost $49.99/yr.

Custom [$599.99]

  • All items mentioned above and…
  • A custom user interface. Got in house designers? Want us to design a layout around your public image? Want multiple tabs, a startup splash, ect. You dream it, we create it.
  • Unlimited data feeds, organized however you want. Multiple Twitter feeds, now-playing lists, DJ on duty, ect.
  • One year of maintenance included in cost. Extra maintenance packages can be purchased separately at a later date and cost $49.99/yr.

Check out our work today! On an Android device goto the Market and search for, “Energy 98″.