Crawl 4×4 – Now Features Real World Off-Road Sponsors

May 24th, 2011

Over the past month Hoverdog & Roboconn have entered numerous negations with several very large off-road corporations to bring users a new feature to Crawl 4×4. User’s can now unlock and obtain sponsors after performing well in game. Sponsors will paint their logo’s on the player’s trucks, as well as pay the users extra cash to keep upgrading and playing. This new system is incredibly awesome according to the majority of our users, bringing the real world names into the digital front has really opened the eyes of key off-road corporations. For those of you who are off-road enthusiasts, Poison Spyder Customs, Inc. and Performance Steering Components (PSC) are both in game and providing players with upgrades and sponsorships.

Adding to this feature is also the use of a new mobile tracking technology offered by Google Labs, Google Analytics for Android. This new system allows sponsors to track how many players are seeing and utilizing their brand in game. The debut of this new version had over 215,000 plays in just one day.

Crawl 4×4 Spotted – Top 50 Best Selling Games On Android Market

April 19th, 2011

Thats right! Our newest title Crawl 4×4 is in the top 50 games on Android! Number twenty eight to be exact! We would like to thank our users for giving us so much great feedback, we are really working hard to get the updates out. We also recently obtained, so be sure to check it out for updates! In other news, Hoverdog Games has broken 1000 followers on Facebook! We are utilizing Facebook to get awesome input from our users, allowing us to determine what direction to go for each game update.

Flick Flight Spotted – Front page of!

January 31st, 2011

Our newest game, “Flick Flight” has been spotted on the front page of AppBrain! Released only three days ago, this game targets Android 1.6 and has been widely accepted! Richard on the market has to say, “Quick to learn, gets compulsive as soon as you make your first decent throw. Smooth gameplay.”. Ryan mentioned, “Good game, slow at first but addictive.”. Pedro commented, “This is the best game I have played”. Thanks for all the input everyone! We have thoroughly enjoyed working for you. Check out Flick Flight Lite on the Android market today!

Flick Flight, Roboconn's latest game

Our Newest Game – BLOCDROP!

January 3rd, 2011

We have been putting the final touches on this game for quite a while now. BLOCDROP is a super challenging strategy game where usability is number one! Challenges arise from each execution, can you figure out the puzzle? Each level is entirely unique, and some are even modeled after famous 8-Bit figures from the past. With over 40 levels, this game will keep you thinking and solving.

We created an amazing framework for this game. Levels are incredibly simple to create, while keeping the entire game under 300kb. Attention has been paid to all aspects of the Android library, from saving game states before a call is received, to user interaction and instructions. We aimed at Android 1.6, and hit the target dead on. Go ahead and try it out today, lite and pro versions are both available. Search for BLOCDROP in the Android Market.

Energy 98 – The #1 Dance Station In The World!

January 3rd, 2011

We are proud to announce that our partner Energy 98 has recently become the top dance station in the world! Playing some of the hottest and fresh music on the market, Energy has grown exponentially in 2010. Who better to power their Android App than Roboconn! We are serving music everyday through our app, and continue to improve upon its abilities everyday! Thanks for a great year Energy 98, keep the beats coming!

Snipe Spotted! #11 Out of ALL Games on the Android Market

December 14th, 2010

We were wondering where the wave of new purchases was coming from! Turns out Snipe has moved up to the top of the list! And not just any list, out of ALL the games on Android! Ranked at number eleven!

Snipe spotted on front page of AppBrain!

December 1st, 2010

Yet another good day in the news of Snipe! We just spotted our trial version on the front page of! Thanks to everyone who has been contributing to our growth!

Snipe featured in Yahoo! Games

November 29th, 2010

Nice to see another credible mention! Here is a short writeup done by Caitlin Foyt, where she mentions that Snipe “is a vibrant, high-definition shooting game”. Thanks Caitlin for the review!


Snipe hits “Top 10 Hottest Applications” on AppBrain

November 24th, 2010

Its been a week since the release of Snipe for Android and we just hit Top 10 hottest applications on AppBrain! This isn’t even a category wide ranking, but out of ALL the applications available on the Android Market. AppBrain is an extended version of the Android Market, and allows users to search for apps from their web browser and have them automatically installed on their phone. We were really surprised when we got the email from the AppBrain team letting us know of the good news! Thanks to all of you who have helped us grow Snipe into the game it is today!

Mobile Wind – Users want features, you want functionality

November 22nd, 2010

Wind effects bullets over long distances. In our most recent game Snipe we decided that after the user has progressed far enough into the game they would be able to start testing their abilities in windy situations. At first this seemed like an easy answer -add arrows, generate wind, and let the user figure it out. Then the frustration took hold. Our beta testers hated wind! The complexity of judging wind became just that -too complex. At this point we have begun to realize a solid pattern, mobile games require mobile functionality.

Wind can come from all directions, likewise it can also move a bullet in all directions. It can help a bullet move in its current vector, or move it off target by inches. Users typically can not handle too much information on the fly, and don’t have fun when it gets too complex. Which of course dawned on us when the beta testers started using this new three dimensional element. How do you incorporate such a realistic item, without all the realism? Mobile wind became the base of all our new features. User’s liked having a new dynamic added to the game, but could not handle all the dynamics associated with the element.

From 3d to 2d we turned wind into a simple left and right issue. Wind can come from the right of the screen, the left, or not exist at all. This enabled the user to start learning a new process without the complications of learning the whole process. We encourage all of you who read this information to apply this thought process to your own mobile applications. It’s not a mobile app unless the features therein are mobile themselves.