Zombie Tower Defense [Free & Deluxe Versions]

“One of the bloodiest games on Android”
Defend the town at the south end of the map against the invasion from the north! Unlike other tower defense styled games, enemies can come from any northern point! Build fences, lay claymore mines, or shoot ‘em up with automated turrets. This game is an excellent time killer and is loaded with features including,
  • Facebook integration – So you can play against your friends and unlock badges
  • Several different weapons, including claymore mines, flame throwers, artillery, machine guns, and booby-traps
  • Many different enemies, of which gain strength as the levels progress
  • The first Android tablet enabled game
  • Various weapon and Zombie sounds
  • Global leader boards
  • Integrated feature and issue request system

Go ahead and try the free version! It isĀ availableĀ in the Android market as “Zombie Tower Defense”, or using a barcode scanner on your Android device scan the image below!